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Christine Madoni Clinic - Nov. 17-19, 2012

(Janice w/Star-Horsemanship 1 & 2)


Smokey, our barn cat, giving Promise a little "high-five" 9/16/12

Smokey visiting with Fannie & Promise 9/16/12

Jack helping sweep the barn 8/31/12

Little Joe playing ball for the 1st time




Jack doing a great job cleaning the barn isle 8/31/12

Milayna & Chance riding  their ponies Blazer and Beauty 11/11

Harlansburg, PA 9/11

Rio with Theresa McDowell's horse Yukon

 (Registered name -Midlife Crisis)


Our Oct. 10, 2010 visit with friends

Wayne, Joyce & Cody McLaughlin.

On 10/10/10, we visited our friends Joyce and Wayne McLaughlin. It was a beautiful fall day and Wayne and Cody were so gracious to take Janet for a trail drive with their two Halflingers. What a great day and thank you Joyce, Wayne and Cody for such an awesome experience.

Ligonier Parade 2010


It was a beautiful fall day at the Ligonier Parade. Janet w/Misty, Laura w/Bear, Chris Polka w/Max, Joyce McLaughlin with her granddaughters, Thomas and Michele had a wonderful day with the minis.

Janet w/Amy at Beaver Run Arena 5/2008

What an experience riding a horse this size !

Mike w/ Cameo

Mike and his "pride & joy" Jumper - Cameo

Peanut "on the fly".

Janet w/ Tera

Mike w/Gracie

Peanut eating dinner w/audience

Jillian w/Blue

Ligonier Parade 2011

Taking the new wagon out to the Parade. Michele driving Cameo.

Joined by Jackie w/Blue, Laura w/Tera and Mike and Janet.

Harlansburg  - Sept. 2010

Janet w/ Bear and Caroline w/ Gambler competing in  driving classes.

Crooked Creek Horse Park August 2010 Show

Jackie showing Lacey at the Crooked Creek Summer Show. Jackie had so much fun and did really well for her first show, placing 3rd in her class.


Halflingers and cannon

Wayne McLaughlin & Cody driving

Indian & Settlers Ladies

Laura & Tera, Dana & Blue, Janet & Misty and Chris Polka and Granddaughter with Max



We had a great morning spending time with all the children at Bovard Elementary School in Greensburg, PA


Random Photos Throughout the Years



Janet w/Blue at Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Kalenak's (Mini Ridge Farm) & " Knock Out"  Costume Class

Hookstown, PA July 2008

Cave People Costumes


Ligonier Trail Ride w/ friends

Jillian w/Peanut

Nebbie Nose Trio-Lady, Nikki and Jeb

The Clowns

Elaine Phillips and Bella dressed as clowns. Bella was a sweet 7th Heaven pony (change that to mini) with a wonderful personality. She was sold in 2007 to Elaine Phillips and as you can see, they are having a wonderful life together. Thank you, Elaine !!!


Mike and Gambler in Color Class

Mike and Hoss at Ohio State Fairgrounds



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