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Barn Name: Bear

Foaled: 5-18-01

Color: Black Pinto

Height: 32.0"

AMHA/AMHR Registered Gelding


Bear was trained to drive in 2007. He placed 2nd in

Country Pleasure Driving at his first two shows, then placed

10th at AMHR Nationals out of 34 horses in the

Country Pleasure Driving Gelding class - all in his first year of driving. We did not show him in 2008. Bear could go far with someone that is willing to show and have fun with him. Bear has quite the personality and is so much fun to be around.

Bear was trained to drive in Western Country Pleasure Driving

and has done very well. He received 6 Hall of Fame Stakes

in 2010, receiving his Hall of Fame in 2011 at the Show in Randolph in July. He placed 9th in Western Country Pleasure Driving at Nationals. He did very well in All Stars placing 2nd in Western Country Pleasure Driving Stakes, 34" under, 4th in Western Country Pleasure Driving and 10th in Amateur Halter Gelding, under.


If you have an interest in Bear, please view his sale ad on our Sales page for more information.

Desert Shadows Moon Gambler


Barn Name: Gambler

Foaled: 4/8/99

Color: Bay Pinto

Height: 32.50"

AMHA/AMHR Registered Gelding


Gambler is a terrific driving horse and he loves to show. He was National Top 10 in three Country Pleasure Driving classes in 2005 and received his Hall of Fame in Country Pleasure Driving in 2006. He is a great horse to work with and is easy going. He is a son of NFC's Dandy Moon Man and a grandson of Rhoten's Little Dandy.


Gambler knows his job and he's proud to display his talents. He's just one of those horses that you love to be with and he loves to be with you as well.






Moseley's Little Peanut

Barn Name: Peanut

Foaled: 9-11-1995

Color: Grey/Crescent/White mane and tail

Height: 30.75 inches


Peanut was one of our original Mini's.

A personality this little fellow has beyond words !!

He is more of the foundation bred. He has an "I'll do whatever you want to"  attitude and you won't find another horse with the loving personality that Peanut has.

He's a joy to be around and you can always count on him putting a smile on your face on your toughest of days and he loves to be groomed for hours.

Peanut was shown very little, but Obstacles was his favorite class. Peanut is now retired and living the life of luxury.

7th Heavens Blue Moon

Barn Name: Moonie
Foaled: 4/25/05
Color: Black Pinto
Height: 31.50"
AMHA/AMHR Registered Gelding
Moonie is the son of Blue and Gambler. 
He is a sweet horse with a
great willing personality and attitude.
 Moonie can be quite the clown at times and 
keeps one heck of a smile on your face with his antics.  
Playing games is his favorite pastime. 
He's such a cutie !






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