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9 yr. old neutered male born 4/2000

Mozart is a great barn cat. He thinks any visitor that comes to the farm is coming to see him exclusively. I raised him, his sister, Harley, and brother, Nakota from tiny little kittens-before their eyes were open. Mozart got sick in the summer of 2011 and is now living in the house and loving it. It's like he was meant to be a house cat. (Harley lost her life-9/21/11 to cancer and Nakota lost his life to chronic renal disease in 2005. Neither one ever complained-they just wanted attention.



Born: 6/4/1994

neutered male


Woody is our resident house cat and quite the shy

one when we have company, however,  he is very

friendly on an individual basis once he gets to know

you. He has been the best house cat that we could have ever wished for. He has accepted other cats in his

house and he even tolerates Sierra's antics.



Jack Russell Terrier

Born: 3/11/2006


Sierra is a character beyond words and has energy

above AND beyond the Energizer Bunny :-) . She really loves

to attend the horse shows with us, but also

enjoys a trip across town in the truck when she's not

chasing the ball around the barn or house for hours

on end.  We can honestly say that she keeps life

interesting around the house and the barn !!!



Born: 1974 0r 1975

Jeb was purchased in 1984. He taught Janet a lot about horses and the joy/pleasure of trail riding. We did a lot of trail riding in Ligonier, PA, Crooked Creek Horse Park, Ford City, PA, Cooks Forest National Park and many other places

too numerous to mention. Jeb thoroughly enjoyed trail riding and was the best teacher anyone could have had. Today he's  happy and healthy enjoying his

well-earned retirement.


Queen's Lady


Barn Name: Lady



Lady was supposed to be our first Miniature,

but grew a little too large. She is a sweet pony

who loves to be groomed and fussed over. She thoroughly loves her treats and she is such a

 pleasure to have on the farm.




Born 2/14/11

Smokey adopted us the week before leaving for Nationals in September, 2011. He came up through the woods and he has

been here ever since. He is so much fun. One of his antics is that he plays "tag you're it". He runs at you and then rears up throwing his front feet in the air and then "tags" you with his front foot and then runs as fast as he can. He's earning his keep catching mice and moles.



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